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Celebrate Kwanzaa in ethniciti Style

The end of the year is traditionally a time of reflection, taking stock of our values, and evaluating where we are.  During 2009 ethniciti has emphasized cultural appreciation of the African-American experience and expression of our ideals and style.  We believe that taking a renewed look at the seven basic principles of Kwanzaa is an excellent way for all of us to refresh our beliefs in our community and reaffirm our direction.

The seven principles

The first night celebrates Unity (Umoja), reminding us of our heritage and our togetherness with family, community, and culture.  The second night’s principle, Self-determination (Kujichagulia), calls attention to the need to be responsible for ourselves and create our own destiny. Third comes Ujima, which is described as Collective Work and Responsibility, emphasizing our mandate to work together to build the community.  Ujima is closely allied to the fourth principle of Ujamaa, or Collective Economics, which focuses our attention on increasing economic influence by developing our businesses and organizations.

On the fifth night of Kwanzaa, we pay homage to Purpose (Nia), our obligation to do everything we can to build the greatness of the African-American people and our culture.  The last two nights turn our attention to the role of Creativity (Kuumba) and Faith (Imani) in forging our destiny.  We must be creative in our efforts to improve our communities and have a strong belief in the ability of our families, educators, and leaders to achieve our goals.

Our collective experience

ethniciti believes that Kwanzaa represents a time not only of reflection, but an opportunity to celebrate the African-American experience.  We have designed a special Kwanzaa keepsake, eight plates that will occupy an important role in your enjoyment of Kwanzaa now and for years to come. Click here to see the collection: http://bit.ly/7C7TxK.