Monthly Archives: February 2011

Modern African Inspired

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of a designer’s contribution to the project is helping define the style of the space. While words such as “contemporary,” “traditional,” “western,” “shabby chic,” “Paris flea market” are often used, seldom does the description “African modern” enter the conversation.  Typically defined in small chunks, the notion  of an entire room or even an entire home is seldom placed in the client’s consciousness.

Stephen Burks of Readmade Projects of Brooklyn hopes to change this with his M’Afrique exhibition, featuring the work of  furniture designer Moroso along with photographers and textile and product designers present a dramatic, tangible impression of modern African inspired design.


Coastal Breezes

The reefs that lie in the turquoise and azure waters of Africa’s tropical west coast are among the richest environments on earth.  These gloried places provide us the inspiration to create the essence of our dining room.  Reaching for a concept that would combine both functional and aesthetic components, we chose a palette drawn from the sea with a backdrop of wood-and-stone artifact images.

The room is anchored by the dining presentation that consists of a custom table top along with table linens that set the stage.  With images by American photographer Ron Tarver, the room has takes on a contemporary attitude.

In order to unify the space we have created a custom buffet and cabinet collection that allows us to bring the color statement around the room in a substantial way.

In keeping with the objective of simplicity, the widow treatment consists of a pair of custom screens and window panels. We have featured in this room, as part of our love of African textiles, coordinated wax prints.

The feature wall is anchored by wax fabric and a buffet.  This allows for a dramatic backdrop for a personal collection of family treasures.

The ethniciti brand represents a new way of thinking about the design of personal spaces.  No longer are we bound by earth tones and skins, but we are free to reflect the energy and stylings of modern Africa.  We will explore together the possibilities.