Juneteenth Celebration

One of the many foods brought to the Americas by the Africans is Okra.  Not familiar to some, but certainly to my West-Indian brothers and sisters. Too many recipes to mention here, but this salad will remind us of these contributions to our table.  Happy Juneteenth.

From  The Caribbean, Central & South American Cookbook, Jenni Fleetwood and Marina Filippelli.


2 responses to “Juneteenth Celebration

  1. Wow! Okra Fried Rice… brings back lots of memories from being a kid. My mother made many dishes with okra and rice. It’s funny, I’ve been through several cooking programs and love to do it but haven’t tried my hand at an okra dish yet… this might be the one. Thanks!

  2. Likewise, this recipe also brings lots of memories for me. My parents are from Guyana and fried Okra rice was a regular dish the family ate. Of recent I visited a nutritionist who recommended as part of a detox process that I should eat organic chicken with loads of green vegs. In particular, she said I should include Okra, stir-fry with the other vegetables with a small amount of water and when everything is cooked, add some olive oil and lemon. Nice, but I prefer the okra fried dish any day!

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