Caribbean Elegance

There has long been both an emotional and visual connection between the Africans and the Europeans in the Caribbean.  There is none more visible than the approach to homes and interiors on Martinique, a stunning example of this coming together.

The classic French apartment look fused with the relaxed style of the islands as illustrated in the Habitation Saint-Étienne is a perfect combination.

You will find more of the Franco-Caribbean home style in the book “French Island Elegance,” by Michael Connors, photography by Bruce Buck.


3 responses to “Caribbean Elegance

  1. Great post Bill. Love the pictures. I am planning on doing a post about the history of caribbean architecture and design with a focus on Jamaica. I really love that you focus on African-Inspired designs. You’re one of a few.

    Have a great day!

  2. I had a chance to do some service work in Jamaica a few years ago and was lucky enough to stay in a governors mansion. It was spectacular and the highlight of the trip.

    What really stayed with me, was the integration of the outdoors and indoors, everything was so open that the two became almost seamless.

  3. This is good. I love the idea of light being able to penetrate the house from so many different angles.

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