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African Contemporary

The M’Afrique exhibition held during Milan design week dismisses the notion that African inspired design is founded on the philosophy of skins, sticks, and beige.

These masters are creating furniture that will fit comfortably and dramatically into any contemporary space.


Some Like It Hot

Many designers are choosing intense colors because clients are becoming more courageous in their use, as demonstrated in this Paris apartment.

Intense color palettes present a perfect backdrop for the introduction of African wax fabrics that make the creation of an African-inspired esthetic seamless.

See more interiors in “The Way We Live with Color,” by Stafford Cliff (photography by Gilles de Chabaneix)

Who Knows Tomorrow?

During the summer, five internationally renowned artists of African descent will show their art on the grounds of the National Galerie, Berlin.

El Anatsui, Zarina Bhimiji, Antonie Ole, Yinka Shonibare, and Pascale Marthine Tayou have been invited to present themselves in the various architecturally significant buildings in which the National Galerie accommodates its large collection of art from the 19th to 21st century.

The participating artists prompt a dialog on questions that, in the face of current radical economic racial, social, and political changes, are more relevant than ever.

Here are some selected works by the Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare.

Worth the Wait

This dish is easy to prepare but takes a little patience. My favorite is the large lima beans. Enjoy.

From  The Caribbean, Central & South American Cookbook, Jenni Fleetwood and Marina Filippelli.

Live from London

With the explosion of African-inspired fashion emanating from the UK, the shelter magazines are responding with quality focus on African inspired interiors.

Living etc.” is one of many, and hopefully more to come.

Textile Vignettes

Modern African textiles combined with everyday furnishings can result in a dramatic change in a small corner of your home.

This upholstered side table combined with a simple chest of drawers painted coordinate with unique pillows by Eva Sonaike complete the makeover.

Less is More

A monotone approach to color strategy is an excellent way to create a neutral canvas of sorts to paint these interior pictures.

These studies illustrated in “The Way We Live with Color,” by Stafford Cliff (photography by Gilles de Chabaneix) show how effective the use of dark furnishings with the proper texture play against light walls. It gives the lovers of beige hope.