Self-expression In Our Manner

We sometime overlook the power and visual impact of black and white photography. In this over- digital age we miss the depth of story and connection to the artisans. I am always pulled back to basics when I visit the work of Chester Higgins Jr., an important African-American photographer whose work spans decades of capturing the essence of the Diaspora. In his series In Our Manner, a chapter of the book Feeling the Spirit, he goes about rediscovering our history as a means to construct a new and total view of ourselves.

Imagine the impact and cultural richness that a total wall of Mr Higgins’ work would have. Perhaps another medium in which to express your own African-inspired manner.


2 responses to “Self-expression In Our Manner

  1. Love this blog post! I have a long-time love affair with black and white photography. One of my most cherished possessions is the book Sweet Flypaper of Life by Langston Hughes and Roy DeCarava. Just last week I purchased Echo of the Spirit by your featured artist, Chester Higgins Jr. His images have such depth and clarity they seem multi-dimensional. He certainly captures the emotions and spirit of his subjects in a way that transports the viewer to that time and place, to where you experience the energy. His camera is the “third eye” that not only sees, but reveals.
    Keep up the great work

  2. I love this post! African Americans/Black Photographers have an awesome pictorial legacy: James Vanderzee, Morgan & Marvin Smith, Gordon Parks, historian Deborah Willis and Jean Moutousamy Ashe.

    There’s so much work to be explored.

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