ethniciti: a state of mind and spirit

Earlier this year when I launched the ethniciti blog, I noted that during my over 30-year-long career devoted to understanding consumer needs and designing environments to make their lives easier and more fulfilling, not once have I been called upon to create a design or merchandise strategy directed to the modern African-American consumer.

I started my business, ethniciti, to fill the unmet needs of African-American consumers and enable them to acquire quality home fashion goods that truly reflect their lifestyle, culture, knowledge, and sense of fashion.

ethniciti offers a new way of thinking, a feeling of organized ecleccticism.  Our exciting, African-inspired collections embody a new vision of the African-American style – how African-Americans see themselves and how they want others to see them

Now I am pleased to announce the launch of the ethniciti online catalog.  Take a look at the collections which we have carefully drawn from throughout the Diaspora, featuring works of Pan-African artisans and their representatives.

Bill Sands


One response to “ethniciti: a state of mind and spirit

  1. …wow! what an amazing blog you have here. I found you late last night(something I rarely do) and burned a few hours checking it out. Congratulations on the online catalog. I will be spending some time there as well. So far, what I find myself continually returning to is the post titled: “Self-Expression in the African Style”. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen colors from nature used like that…let alone the actual use of nature itself as a form of expression. It’s easily one of the most beautiful grouping of photos I have ever seen!

    thank you for your blog!

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