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Sleperwoods – environmentally conscious home fashion

beginingsAs a good steward of the environment, I am always on the lookout for products that satisfy my fashion sense as well as being responsible to the land.

I recently came across a company, Sleeperwoods, situated close to the Kruger National Park in White River, South Africa. They utilize reclaimed sleepers (railroad ties) as well as a range of recycled hardwoods to fashion unique furniture and tabletop accessories. Their design approach offers products for both a contemporary and causal settings. Take a look.



The Artisans

A fundamental building block in the ethniciti design philosophy is the influence and contribution of the artisans.  These talented, aggressive, and forward-thinking individuals spread the notion of African-inspired design and the important role that art plays in interior design solutions.

In a recent edition of O Magazine, this notion is brilliantly expressed in the home of Peggy Cooper Cafritz a long-time art educator, activist and supporter of young African-American artists.

Her home exudes on the one hand this sense of confidence and commitment to the culture, while the overall presentation and integration of furnishings and artifacts projects the essence of her personal style, how she sees herself, and how she wants others to see her.

Photography by Sang An.