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Opening Night, the Gathering

OpeningNight03As designers we begin each assignment with a high expectations in creating an exciting and memorable living space for our clients.  As we move through the discovery, then the creative phases, we begin to visualize the end game, what will it look like what will it feel like. What we do know is our clients expect a space that reflects who they are and how they want people to see them.

I am always inspired by Jessica Harris, noted African-American author and educator whose writings weave a masterful web of food and places of the Diaspora.  I see an opportunity to help our clients celebrate the completion of a new space with a OpeningNight02gathering that ties together the notion of African-inspired interior design with tangible expressions of styles and tastes.

Here are a few of our approaches.  Let me know about yours.


Spreading the ethniciti Message

This week I’ll be speaking in Houston and San Antonio as part of the Design Arts Seminars program.

WestAfricaAs I’ve emphasized in the ethniciti blog, dramatic changes in demographics and lifestyles have created a heightened interest in African-influenced design. Manufacturers of home fashion goods must understand the need to develop collections inspired by regional artistic styles: East African, sub-Saharan, West African, etc. During my seminar presentations, I define African styles to help designers grasp the modern African-American consumer’s fundamental preferences.

I go beyond the traditional to consider an organized eclecticism that best matches today’s African-American’s purchasing motivations in home fashion. I explore contemporary, modern interpretations of African cultural influences, as well as the impact of Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean, and regional U.S. inspiration. I emphasize the necessity to avoid the trite and cliché by creating authentic design solutions that speak to the modern African-American’s ancestry.Brazil

Designers must surpass standard classifications to develop a unique interpretation of Classic, Contemporary, and Casual through a prism of ethnic-inspired design.

Take a look at the overview video and let me know what you think.