From Runway to Hallway: African Cultural Inspiration

fashionpicreduced01I am always fascinated by the migration of style from one segment to another. The notion that fashion is driven only by high-minded designers seems not to tell the whole story. While it is true that couturier design concepts at times seem over the top, they do signal to me a trend that creative types need to payfashionpicreduced041 attention to – African cultural inspirations.

A recent New York Times Magazine spread deftly illustrates the juxtaposition of African-Americans and Africans IN America. This dramatic black-and-white photo shoot of Lacroix, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Prada, etc. designs, clearly defines a modern interpretation of an fashionpicreduced031essence of African culture – textiles thought about in a unique and creative way.

The New Arrivals to our shores are bringing a new sense of energy and timeliness to the creative environment that will surely make its impact on all areas of fashion.

Tell me what you’re thinking.


2 responses to “From Runway to Hallway: African Cultural Inspiration

  1. i do find that we’ve (african-americans) become too uptight as some of our greatest fashion/cultural inspirations have aged, gone into seclusion, been neglected, etc – leaving a youth whose fashion senses often revolve around the ‘bad’ part of ‘the streets’. a few new icons are setting a tone, but nothing that’s been able to start or sustain the new social movement that a lasting impression would require. where is the new pfunk generation? …or just a plain ol’ funk one? i’m ready and waiting…

  2. hi bill,
    just read your article about mud architecture in west africa with great interest. it’s a really fascinating subject. so thanks for sharing…

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